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Sujet : Elvira And The Bats

http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/3901/37106133.jpg(logo by Alien S Pagan)
Elvira & the Bats is a brand new band in paris underground scene,
the songs have a Perfect minimal Rythm, guitars are powerfull early punk, and the bass sounds « batcave » with some parts of post punk influences, the voice is the best one i have the chance to heard since a long time! so powerfull and charismatic, till now, it’s the first debut band who really kick my ass in a live performance, true music, attitude and atmosphere.

Elvira and the bats are the most Promising band from Paris!

From Paris

Website : http://www.myspace.com/elviraandthebats

The Song  » Fils de Frankenpire Vampirstein!!! » is on The Compilation « Zoundbies Vol 1 »

Free Download at :


Line Up :

Elvira Bettina: Vocals, arrangements (The Cemetary Girlz Bassist)

Alice alias « Sternen Alice » : bass

JP, alias « Batastrophe » : guitars (Camp Z Live Guitars)

Romain, alias « Little Spigaou » : Keyboards (The Cemetary Girlz Guitarist)

Nash, alias « Nashouille » : Drummer (Ex Wallenberg)

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