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Sujet : Frank Picini

Bon comme je n'ai rien trouvé sur lui en français j'ai copié/collé son interwiew d'un site !! Donc les bilingues seront contents par contre les réfracttaires à l'anglais ... pleure-1 comme moi quooi !!grand-sourire-1

Ceci dit même si j'aime pas tout j'avoue qu'il fait de sacrés dessins en 2 et 3D !!!


I graduated from art school in 1980 majoring in fine art and printmaking. I sold many paintings during my college days and won numerous awards locally. When I graduated I came back to NY and proceeded to spend many years moving around from small studios doing commercial art and some illustration for packaging. I also kept painting and producing other forms of artwork while trying to get some gallery shows in Manhattan. I had a few shows here and there. By the end of the 1980’s I was looking for a better way to express my illustrative talents in other forms of artwork. This is when I decided to teach myself computers and to find a job where I can make this transition grow. I found myself working at major TV stations where this was a daily task. We had to do illustrations for all the news stories and do them fast. Fortunately at TV stations technology was always changing regarding computers. This was a great place to do illustrations and to learn how to do high-end animations. I’ve now been creating digital artwork for 20 years.


I am presently working at WABC TV the local affiliate of ABC News here in NYC where I have been now for over 15 years. My artwork and animations for news and specials can be seen on channel 7. As a young artist my main influence was Salvadore Dali. There has always been numerous others especially artists that had their work adorn great album covers throughout the 70’s and 80’s were also a great inspiration. I’m also a member of the CG Society (Computer Graphics Society) http://www.cgsociety.org. There is more then enough inspiration on this digital art site than any artist could ever ask for. I have created artwork for some CD covers as well as book covers. Conventum Elementum is being printed as a cover for a role playing book game for a publisher in Canada. Conventum Elementum is also being featured in a Surreal Digital Photography book through Ilex Press in England, I was asked to submit this art as a work through for readers to follow my creative process from beginning to end. Even though the book is called digital surreal photography they felt my artwork would compliment the photography side since I use many textures that are from photo sources as my 3d materials.


Site officiel :www.frankpicini.com


Re : Frank Picini

Sympathique... Mais c'est dommage que tout soit fait par log. Ca le rend peut etre moins impressionnant.

La fabuleuse histoire d'un déchet humain.

Re : Frank Picini

Il y en a un qui me plait plus que les autres bien que je ne sois pas fan des machins en 3D


"Saw heaven and hell were lies
When I'm god everybody dies"


Re : Frank Picini

Il y a de trés jolies choses oui!
C'est quand même pas évident de faire de la belle 3D.

Déesse au fouet du forum.
Mon blog couture: http://aradiadeadrose.canalblog.com/

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