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Sujet : 6-7/11/2008: Section 25 + Peter Hook - Bruxelles-Paris

6/11/2008 - Elysée Montmartre - Paris
7/11/2008 - Ancienne Belgique ABBox - Bruxelles

Section 25 & Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order)
playing a selection of Joy Division, New Order and Section 25 songs
Support: Kevin Hewick

Joy Division documentary screening (Grant Gee)

+ afterparty (Peter Hook & Gore [Fantastique.Nights])

18:30: doors
19:00: documentary
20:00: Kevin Hewick
21:00: Section 25 & Peter Hook
23:00: afterparty (AB Club)

Section 25 and Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order have announced a series of joint live concerts.

Their combined set will include highlights from the combined catalogues of Joy Division, Section 25, New Order and Monaco, as well as a sprinkling of new material. Songs will include Transmission, Temptation, Looking From A Hilltop, Shadowplay, Dreams Never End, What Do You Want From Me?, Dirty Disco, Love Will Tear Us Apart and Blue Monday. Section 25 will also perform a separate opening set.

Section 25 and Peter first gigged together in 1979, during the heyday of Factory Records, when Section 25 often supported Joy Division in London and the North-West. After a gap of two decades, Section 25 again performed as guests of New Order in Blackpool in October 2006, while Peter performed the classic Temptation with SXXV at A Factory Night (Once Again), the sold-out live event staged at Plan K in Brussels on 15 December 2007.

“I’m scared to death, but it’ll be great to do a full gig. I’ve missed playing too much!" (Peter Hook)

"It's a privilege to perform these songs with Hooky and the band. There will be power and passion." (Larry and Vin Cassidy)"


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